New article in Peikestokken: This is halloween!

My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help…
Are you creeped out yet? Here are five more creepy stories from around the world to honor Halloween.

El Coco or El Hombre del Saco (Spain)

El Hombre del Saco is a Spanish legend about Francisco Ortega, a man sick with tuberculosis. He was so desperate for a cure that he sought help from a Curandera (a Spanish shaman). She told him that he would be cured after drinking the blood of a child. And so, Ortega kidnapped a 7-year old boy and put him in a cloth bag. He then slit his underarm and drank his blood. El Coco is still walking through the streets with a cloth back, looking for children who roan the streets and misbehave.

There is even a lullaby that says “Duermete niño, duermete ya, o vendrá el Coco y te comerá!” which means “sleep little baby, sleep right now, or coco will come and eat you up”.

Changelings (Ireland)

The legend of the changelings tells the story of female fairies that often give birth to ugly children. Since fairies prefer beautiful babies, they would go into the mortal world and kidnap healthy human babies. The fairies would then leave changelings behind. These changelings look like human children but carry very different characteristics. A changeling can only be happy when the family suffered from misfortune or grief.

The legend of changelings has lasted for centuries. Even William Shakespeare talks of changelings in one of his plays. Three hundred years later, Scarlett O’Hara believed that Rhett Butler’s bastard child was a changeling in Gone with the Wind.

Char Man (USA)

Char Man is a well-known urban legend in California. It all began with a wildfire that occurred in Camp Comfort Country Park in 1948. A father and son were caught in the blaze and the older man was killed. The son survived but was badly burned. The son went crazy and hung the body of his father after pulling off its burned skin. When a rescue team finally arrived he fled and disappeared into the woods. He lived in his “charred” condition ever since.

Every once in a while the Char Man emerges from the forest and attacks cars and hikers. He then tries to tear off their skin, perhaps to take as his own. Police are still looking for him.

Czarna Wolga or The Black Volga (Poland)

One of the most famous and oldest Polish urban legends is the tale of Czarna Wolga or Black Volga. The legend has many versions but it’s always about a Russian limousine driving around towns and kidnapping children. The identity of the driver is always unknown. Some versions say it is a Satanist, while others claim that it was a priest. There are even rumors that it might have been KGB or a vampire.

The car still haunts the streets of Poland after sunset. A way to recognize it is to look for white tires and white curtains in its windows. It’s been said that once you are kidnapped, they will drain your blood and use it as a cure for leukemia.

Smørbukk or Butterball (Norway)

There was once a little boy who was round and fat and loved to eat, so his mother called him Butterball. One day a giant troll came to their house and tricked Butterball. She kidnapped the boy and took him to her layer. The troll asked her daughter to prepare Butterball for diner, but the girl didn’t quite know how to butcher Butterball. “I’ll show you how to do it.” Said Butterball, “Just lay your head on the stool and you’ll see.”

The poor thing listened and Butterball took the axe and chopped off her head. He put her head in her bed and he put her body in the pot. Butterball climbed into the chimney and waited for the troll. When the troll saw the head in the bed, she thought her daughter was sleeping. So she tasted the soup. “This Butterball soup is so good.” said the troll-hag. “You mean this daughter soup tastes so good!” said Butterball form the chimney pipe. As the troll looked up the chimney, Butterball threw pine root and stones at her head and killed her.

Butterball then took all the gold and silver he could find and went back to his mother.


Shoppen in Ørsta

Wat doe je als vrouw op een regenachtige zaterdag? Naar een shoppingcenter gaan natuurlijk! Samen met twee vriendinnen ben ik op een vroege bus gesprongen en zijn we naar Ørsta getrokken. Ørsta is één van de buurdorpen van Volda. Gelukkig moesten we dus maar 20 minuutjes op de bus zitten. Ørsta is een stuk groter dan Volda, maar minstens even schattig. Het grijze weer zorgde voor mist rond de bergen, waardoor het leek alsof Ørsta uit een sprookje geplukt was.

Na wat foto’s te nemen van het betoverend uitzicht, zijn we richting het shoppingcenter getrokken. Daar hebben we ons volledig laten gaan, beginnende met een lekker ontbijt. Voor mij een svele, een typische Noorse pannenkoek met bruine kaas, en voor Khristina een stuk taart.

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Het shoppingcenter was redelijk klein. Bovendien zijn er twee groten problemen als je gaat shoppen in Noorwegen. Veel spullen zijn een pak duurder dan bij ons en Noren hebben niet dezelfde mode als ons. Kleurige kleding zal je hier niet snel vinden, alles is grauw en donker. Veel kleding is ook gemaakt op maat van Noren, heel lang dus. Kleedjes of jumpsuits vinden die niet een meter achter ons op de grond slepen, was een hele uitdaging.

De winkels vielen misschien wat tegen. Gelukkig hebben toch we kunnen genieten van lekker eten en een prachtig landschap.

Relaxen bij het meer

Noorwegen is adembenemend door de prachtige natuur. In Volda is dat niet anders. Elke morgen wandel ik tussen bergen en het centrum van ons dorpje ligt aan een fjord. Maar dat is niet alles. Een paar straten van ons kot is een mooi meer, Rotevatnet. Dit is de perfecte plek om op een zonnige middag te relaxen of om ’s avonds gezellig rond een vuur te zitten.

Een helder meer, eendjes, een volleybalveld en vuurplaatsen. Wat heb je nog meer nodig als student?


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Eerste artikel in Peikestokken: Norway in Hollywood

Mijn blog is niet de enige plaats waar ik schrijf over Noorwegen. Ik schrijf ook artikels voor Peikestokken, Volda’s schoolmagazine. Dit was mijn eerste artikel voor Peikestokken en mijn eerste Engelse artikel dat ooit gepubliceerd is geweest.

Norway in Hollywood
By Karolien van Schil

If you ask a Belgian where they want to go on vacation, it’s unlikely that you’ll hear Norway. We prefer warm summers with sunny beaches. The biggest problem is that many students don’t know what Norway has to offer and we have a lot of prejudices. The film industry doesn’t really help when it comes to stereotypes and prejudgment. Is this also the case for Norway? How is the country depicted and are these depictions correct? Since coming to Norway, these are the questions that have accumulated in my mind.

Norwegian TV

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a Norwegian series called Acquitted. It tells the story of Aksel Borgen, who was convicted for the murder of his girlfriend. Aksel is acquitted – hence the title – due to the lack of evidence and he flees to China. After twenty years he returns to Norway to save his village from bankruptcy. However, his past haunts him as some villagers still don’t trust him. Aksel has to prove his innocence once more.

I must admit, although I didn’t see the whole series, it did give me a certain impression of Norway. I expected that only small towns would exist between the mountains, just like the town in Acquitted. Volda is exactly like it, but obviously not every village in Norway fits this image.

I also noticed a very strange sport in the series: roller skiing. I thought it was really funny. I didn’t believe that it would be a popular sport, until I actually saw it with my own eyes: people skiing on wheels across the roads. It’s amazing! I don’t think I will ever try it though. Us Belgians are definitely not used to hills or steep roads.


Let me start by saying that if you haven’t already seen Trollhunter (or Trolljegeren for you Norwegians), you should really do it. It involves a group of students from Volda who are following a Trollhunter. Besides the fact that it is an entertaining story, it also provides the viewer with some expectations about Volda.

The movie begins at Høgskulen i Volda, a place you should all be well acquainted with by now. A group of students investigate a bear attack. I love animals and I was looking forward to seeing the wildlife in Norway. After watching this movie, I wanted to see some bears. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of bears in Norway. The few that are in Norway can be found in sparsely populated areas on the border with Sweden. I was really disappointed when I discovered this! I guess it wasn’t only the trolls that were fake in this movie.

© Jørgen Fallet Mosand

Ilustratie Norway in Hollywood © Jørgen Fallet Mosand

But what about American movies?

Last week, I noticed that they talk about Norway in an episode of Bones. They discover the skeleton of an American boy in Norway. A doctor mentions that Norway has a very low crime rate, with an annual murder rate of 0.7. This means that there is less than one murder per year. I don’t know if this is accurate and at first I thought they were exaggerating. Crime in Norway is probably the same as in Belgium, right? That’s what I thought. But now, I do notice some differences between my country and Norway.


For the past two years, I have studied in Brussels. It’s our capital and there happens to be a lot of crime. So at almost every corner of every street, you are bound to run into some police officers. Some of them are even heavily armed! So far, I haven’t seen any police officers in Volda. Usually I don’t take notice but thinking back, I can’t remember seeing any police officers in Oslo either. No police officers in the capital? Hell would break loose in Belgium! I can only conclude that Bones must be right. Norway has a very low crime rate and that’s why seeing one is rare. Or maybe Norway just doesn’t need any police officers since it’s not the criminals we should be afraid of…it’s the trolls!

So, Norway is represented pretty well in most of the movies or series I have seen. I had some expectations and most of them were correct. I still have hopes for Trollhunter to be slightly true. What would be more awesome than catching sight of a bear and troll?

Animatie Festival Volda

Vorige week werd het filmtheater in Volda overgenomen door concerten en animatiefilms van het animatie festival. Door mijn grote passie voor film had ik me opgegeven als vrijwilligster. Samen met enkele andere internationale studenten vormde we het kookteam. Gedurende twee dagen hebben we non-stop brownies, wafels en taco’s gemaakt. Tussendoor konden we af en toe meegenieten van enkele kortfilms. Het filmtheater is hier niet zoals de meeste bioscopen. De films worden getoond in een soort parochiezaal met een uitschuifbare tribune. Niet te vergelijken met de zalen van bij ons dus, maar dat zorgde gelukkig wel voor extra charme tijdens het festival. We hebben er alleszins van genoten!

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Tijdens het animatie festival werden verschillende animatie films van studenten vertoond. Een van de leukste kortfilms was Roommate Wanted Dead or Alive.

was waarschijnlijk de mooiste en meest aangrijpende kortfilm van de studentenfilms.

Nog een bezoekje aan de gletsjer

Twee weken geleden zijn we met alle Erasmus studenten naar een zijarm van de Jostedalsbreengletsjer getrokken. (Iets meer dan een maand geleden zijn we op onze roadtrip al naar de Bergsetbreen geklommen, een andere zijarm van deze gletsjer.) Na een bezoekje aan Hornindalsvatnet, het diepste meer van Noorwegen, een lange boottocht en enkele kilometers wandelen kwamen we aan bij Briksdalsbreen. Ook deze gletsjer was erg impressionant! Alleen jammer dat we er niet dichterbij konden.

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Het magische Noorderlicht

Ja hoor, je leest het goed. Ik heb het Noorderlicht gezien! Vorige week hebben we maar liefst twee keer kunnen genieten van een prachtige groene hemel. Dankzij het uitzonderlijke weer zijn er minder wolken dan vorige jaren. Hierdoor kunnen we meer genieten van het Noorderlicht. Het is gewoonweg magisch! Meer moet ik eigenlijk niet zeggen, de beelden spreken voor zich.

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Met mijn iPhone kon ik er jammer genoeg geen foto’s nemen van het Noorderlicht. Gelukkig mag ik de foto’s van mijn lieve buurvrouw Saranja gebruiken.